2019 Art Classes

This term, through observational drawing, we will be exploring contour and line, and positive and negative spaces. We will discover ways of seeing, that are not about the known, but the unknown. This will free your eye from preconception… and allow you to describe by really looking.

Through water-colour, we will look at reflection, rhythm, harmony and discord. We will explore painting techniques and expand our experience of colour.

Then I will introduce the class to oil painting. This will include: the mixing of oil colours and the importance of a limited pallet; understanding texture, brush strokes and mediums; composition and form. You will be applying this by doing a still life in oil over two classes.

Over the next eight weeks I am planning for each student to achieve a greater knowledge and understanding of her own individual creative intent. That is, what she actually wants to achieve from her own creativity.

My intention, as your teacher, is simply to give you the tools: to explore the world through your own eyes; and to be able to express, in a solid, physical form, what that means to you

Sarah Chalmers