Sarah knows how to make art.  And she knows how to teach making art. She puts the tools in your hands, inspires you with what they can do, and shows you how to use them.  She is passionate about what art is, and what it does. And she knows just how to tap into that unique creative potential within each of her students. Sarah is a true artist. And she is an exceptional and generous teacher.

A very rare and precious combination.


I’ve found Sassi’s teaching utterly inspirational. She’s given information and examples of what we’re learning, taken us to the edge and then encouraged us to dive in – challenging, without being too scary. Week 1 – a still life Week 3 –  a life model Week 6 –  “You’re going to paint like Matisse today” – oh really?? And I give it a try and I do – well, sort of! but it’s all a brilliant learning experience.  I’ve enjoyed it so much that I took paints with me on holiday last month.


I went on a weekend art retreat run by Sassi, not having drawn or painted anything since school I was a little apprehensive. However, Sassi soon put us all at ease, she was inspirational, knowledgeable and encouraging, creating an atmosphere were we could express ourselves through our pallets, but most of all it was fun. I would definitely recommend Sassi as an art teacher and if I lived closer would definitely attend a regular class


Sassi has reignited my love of art. Having done art for GCSE which I loved, since leaving school i’ve lost the confidence and skills to put pencil to sketch pad. Attending Sassi’s art class was even better than when I was taught at school – the first session with her gave me the best foundation skills any art student could ask for and her up-beat approach, encouragement and knowledge sharing (including how to make your own charcoal) was the best art lesson i’ve ever had. I’d recommend anyone wanting to create some art to come to Sassi’s art class.


I never thought I had the ability to develop the skills or style to make a piece of art I could actually be proud of.  But lo and behold, Sas had endowed me with confidence, skills, and a new way of seeing. Not only am I actually making art, but in my own personal style.. It’s blood sweat and  tears, but also a LOT of JOY!


Having not drawn since I was 14 (I am now 49) I thought I’d give art classes try… what a revelation, 3 hours a week spent in good company with a high calibre artist who can also, sometimes with just a few words, change the way you see the world and how you express it through drawing.